Property Partnership

As a Dubai Business Center Owner, you can advertise your Dubai Business Center Offices for free. We don't charge you any money for listing. However you would have to pay 10% commission on every enquiry which converts into successful closing. The commission is not applicable on renewals. You can list your offices and other business center offerings on our site. Whenever the enquiry is generated, it will be sent to you post verification.


We offer the below partnership deals.

Free Listing

Here you don't pay for listing your offices, however your phone number would not be showcased & you would pay us 10% commission on successful completion of the deal.

Paid Listing

As the name suggest, you would pay us AED 500 per month for your listing & your phone number would be shown to your listing viewers who would contact you directly. You would pay us no commission on these.

Enquiries for Purchase

Business center owners can post their enquiries for sale where in we would sell them to Interested Business Center Owners, splitting the sold price equally. The cost of leads can vary from AED 100 each to AED 250 each. If you uploaded 10 enquiries & we sold them to client for 2500 AED. You would get 1250 AED.