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Nuoffices.com is the platform to showcase various Business Center Products & Services including Flexible Serviced Offices, Small Business Offices, Flexible Desks, Virtual Office Add. , Sustainability Office Contract, Offices for one Month & Various other services. Nuoffice.com is managed & marketed by Varsal Business Center LLC who owns & manages few Business centers in Dubai since 2017. The objective behind Nuoffice.com is to offer fully serviced offices in business centers to customers who wants to avoid the hassles of managing their own offices which includes Cleaning, Maintenance, Internet, Wiring, Fire Fighting Equipments, Licensing & Taxes. Nuoffices.com offers fully serviced offices which are light on pocket & comes with all the facilities of cleaning, managing, security, Internet, surveilance camera & complete maintenance.


The Flexible Managed Serviced Offices market has been growing at the rate of 15% per annum. There are more than 500,000 serviced offices business centers operating around the world. We have more than 300 Fully Managed Serviced Offices Business Centers in Dubai spread in each and every locality. It is quite a tiring tasks for anyone to go through each Managed Serviced Offices Business Center to select the one which will suit your need & your budget. Nuoffices.com makes your life easy by displaying the available offices in the selcted areas along with all the facilities included & the best price payable for them. We enter into business center office management contract with respective Business Centers which allows us to manage those respective offices from advertising to client agreement signing.

Whether you are looking to downsize your office or looking for a new office or flexible workstation / desks for your office colleague, Nuoffices.com can help you in your search. Along with helping you find the best Virtual Office for you including Virtual Ejari / Istedama, Nuoffices.com can also help you find meeting rooms on per hourly rental basis & several offices for 1 month to 3 month basis.

The services that we offer are as follows

  • Flexible Fully Managed Serviced Offices.
  • Independent Non Managed Offices.
  • Virtual Offices.
  • Ejari / Istedama.
  • Sustainability Contract Offices.
  • Fully Managed Serviced Offices for 1 Month.
  • Full Managed Serviced Offices for 3 Months.
  • Meeting Rooms / Conference Rooms on Hourly Rental Basis.
  • IT Services including Digital Marketing & Software Development.
  • Fixed Workstation Desk for yourself or your colleague.
  • Flexible Floating Workstation Desk for yourself & your colleague.
  • Work Permit Visa & Family Visa Document Processing Assistance.
  • Flexible Workstation Desk on Hourly basis.
  • Dubai Company Formation Services.
  • Work Permit Visa & Family Visa Document Processing Assistances.
  • Flexible Workstation Desk on Hourly basis.
  • Virtual Assistance.

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