Pricing Ideas

Pricing Ideas for Dubai Office in Dubai Business center : Have you ever wondered that within the same Dubai Business center, the corner office of the same size is more expensive than the central business center office in corridor. You are right, the price of the Dubai Business center office depends on Various Factors such as whether you are taking the Dubai Office In Business Center with window or without window, Corner one or Middle one. The Price also changes due to the demand vs supply factor. If the Dubai Business Center offices are having high occupancy & less vacant offices then the prices offered to you will be higher. In circumstances where the available offices are more then the Dubai Business Center Owner would be willing to offer you better price. The cost of the Dubai Business Center offices also vary depending upon whether they are on higher floor or lower floor. Whether you are taking the Dubai Business center Office with Meeting Room attached.


Below are the various factors which has a huge impact on your prices of the Dubai Business center offices.
(1) Fully Furnished vs Half Furnished or No Furnishing
(2) With Window for Natural Sunlight or Without Window
(3) Higher Floor or Lower Floor
(4) With Great Outside View or With Depressing Outside Views
(5) Close to Public Transport or Away from Public Transport
(6) With Car Parking or Without Car Parking
(7) Needed Modifications also Increases the costs
(8) More workstations in small space also increases the cost
(9) With or Without Meeting Rooms
(10) IT Support or without IT Support
(11) Longer the contract, lesser the price
(12) office in High Density Area or Low Density Area
(13) Finalising during long national Holidays or during year end or quarter closing
(14) You can get more discount if you sign the agreement the same day of viewing
(15) Demand of Office in the Locality of your Choice
(16) Number of Available offices in that Area, Higher the Available Offices, lower the price
(17) Size of the Office
(18) Number of Amneties such as Reception with Office Assistance, free beverage & Food.